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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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Here's a video where I play Nambona890MapPack.wad along with a good Doom WAD bonus:

And here is eighteenth Crappy Doom WAD quadruple feature from me:

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NiTROACTiVE, nice videos, as always!

Repost from "Lost Levels" and "My music" topics:

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Solid Snake said:

Fuck embedding this video here, dosen't work for me.


Tutorial:Replace round closer to a 90 degree closer(see the other closers)

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purist said:

Dylan channels his inner Tarnsman and rips apart my VOH beta episode:


I wish I would play like this with my dad, too bad he hates doom because I play it 7 years already.

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Obsidian said:

Coming Soon...

Wow nice work, this looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of Tron and the Mandrill Ass Project. Looking forward to this!

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Finally got the music back, decided to convert in full screen now so I hope the quality is better.

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