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Lost Heretic

New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

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I was surprised that I had never run this for the full version of this wad. So I had to try it again :-)
Map 21 - UV Tyson in 3:26
Hope you guys will like it :-)


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like I thought, the player currently strongest around...! dedication, skill, patience and time :>
very nice demos

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j4: great demo on a very challenging level!

Now here is a MAP03 UV-Max in 2:42 with one missed monster. skep's time is harder to beat than one might think, but I'm not giving up yet so don't upload this to the archive please.


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j4rio said:

map 4 tyson 6:22

I didn't expect to see a 3-punch mancubus kill in my life. Even a 4-punch kill is extremely rare.

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Map16 "Mr. X"
UV -respawn in 0:35

Does this run also count as a Pacifist? I don't directly hurt anything in the map and all kills seem forced >_>


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