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Couple of beginner questions

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1. How do I select a different map from a WAD without re-opening the entire WAD (as in Slade)?

2. How do I (quickly) zoom at whole intervals like 100% 50% 25% 12.5%? currently the scroll wheel zooms 130% and 70% of previous zoom which creates fractional zoom values, which I hate. A simple hotkey for 100% zoom would also do.

3. In edit mode, How do I rotate a selection at certain values (preferably keyboard input)? Currentlym rotating uses only 45 degree intervals or smooth when shift is pressed. I want to be able to rotate at smaller regular intervals like 1 degree or 22.5 degrees. Also, when rotating smoothly, I can not find any feedback on my current angle (I might be missing something though, help)

4. How do I hide lines/edges of linedefs, especially the small sidedef direction marks? (in Slade they hide when you change the mode to something else than linedefs mode) Currently they are so thick and dominant that they overlap almost everything else when I zoom out to about 25% or less.

5. How can I show/hide the grid without affecting it's functionality?

6. How can I see things as actual sprites (again, as in Slade)

Don't get me wrong here, I don't even like Slade, it just was the only working decent editor before I found DB2.

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These can't be done in DB2 and I don't think these are making or breaking a map. If you consider these to be critically important for your mapping, then use Slade. Some of them can be done by writing a simple plugin for DB2, but you're probably not looking for that answer :P

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Actually, I think I'll give the plugin approach a try. Now I only need to find a good C# IDE.

/aw trying microsuf visual studio C# express.

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If you want to rotate objects by specific angles then this was available in Doom Builder 1 if you are interested, although I find the new system far easier, more intuative and useful most of the time.
The way to adjust the angle of a sector using the keyboard in doom builder 1 was to select a sector and then press R which opened a box where you could type the angle which you wanted to adjust the sector by, although this was often an awkward system to use.

If you are going to try and run Doom Builder 1 on anything later than Windows XP then I wouldn't bother for just this simple thing as its such a pain in the ass getting it going and then keeping it going.

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If you're looking to make a plugin, there are two small example plugins on the website for download (including source) with lot of commenting in the source code that explains what things are for and why you need them.

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