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Need Help Finding A 'BIG' single map wad

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Hey, I'm looking for a particular wad, but I cannot remember the name of it. It's basically a 'massive' non-linear, city themed map with no monsters in it. It's very detailed, and 'stupid' huge. Full of places to wander around and stuff. As I recall, there are like ... towers somewhere in the map, and have rockets shooting out of them (Cyberdemon-like rockets). I think there might have been keys scattered around the place too. There was even a bridge crossing over a river of water on the east end side of the map. Power plant, a hotel-like building. It was just massive. If anyone can help me figure out the name of the wad, it would be -greatly- appreciated.


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Yeah but Doomdream has monsters in it. At least I think it does..? (Didn't play it just remembering screenshots I saw)

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Could be this, but it does have enemies in it. However, it also has everything else that you describe.

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