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Carny Goat

Doom Builder help!

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Hi all. I'm a bit new to map making and I'm trying to spruce up my map with a bit with extra resources than the usual materials supplied by the Doom2.wad. But...

I hit a road block and I need to find a way to import new sprites to Doom Builders presets or something. I tried adding some other resource wads and such. But I'm still not getting any sprites.

Is there a way to import new resources such as sprites through Doom Builder 2? I also don't know what to do with these other resource configs such as this example; Zdoom (Doom in Doom format).

Any help would be much appreciated!

No need, I found a way from some other post.

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You need to use an WAD editor to import textures.

Open your WAD in XWE. Double-click the Patches button to import a graphic, XWE will make the TEXTURE and PNAMES lumps you need to go with them.

If your textures are already in a WAD, you can Merge in the XWE File menu.

If you search around, there are several tutorials and sticky threads already about this, and also how to make animated textures, etc.

You just set the DOOM2.WAD IWAD as the File for "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen Format)", like you do for the normal "Doom 2" format.

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