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[DB2] Modify Vertex Snap Radius?

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Is there any way to modify the snap radius for vertices in Doom Builder 2? That is, the range they have to be within another linedef before they connect. I've been working on a curved hallway so as you can imagine I've been doing a lot of copying + pasting of one curve of linedefs in order to define the shape of other things, such as the stairs.

However, the verices get ridiculously close to the linedefs and don't snap into place! I have to navigate down to grid size 1 and manually drag them over in order to divide my linedefs...

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Silly me. I was using an older version of DB2 (must've been from February or so at least) and it lacked these settings in the Preferences. Guess I should check for new versions more often. :P

Thanks for the reply.

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