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How can I make custom level names for Doom...

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Also, you will need to replace the automap strings using BEX (DeHackEd) if you want to complement the new intermission graphics.

ZDoom-based ports allow you to replace the automap names and the intermission screen level names in one go by using MAPINFO.

Neither method will break compatibility of your map, so you could use one, the other, or both methods for changing the names of your maps.

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Also, Eternity has EMAPINFO, ports with FraggleScript have level info in the header (the ExMy or MAPxy lump itself), and I'm sure you can do something for EDGE and for Doomsday too.

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If I am not mistaken, from what you've noted in other threads, your WAD is not for any ports in particular.

If that is the case, use what Doom_user suggested to change the large level name appearing in the inter-level (intermission) screen and a DEH file editor like WhackEd to create a DeHackEd patch that changes the small names that appear in the automap.

Note that the length of the automap names is limited by the length of the original map names (WhackEd will tell you how many characters you have left as you type a new name in), so you might want to give additional thought to any longer level names you have considered, unless you with to abbreviate them or something. One way to lengthen the name choices is to shorten the level info, such as using 01: lol, dude, wtf? instead of level 1: entryway, or remove the level info altogether (as in the exit is a pit!) if you don't mind that players may forget what level they're currently in. I think some ports, like ZDoom, will display it anyway.

DeHackEd (and thus WhackEd, which is a Windows port of it) also lets you change the text in the "text intermission" screens, if you plant to have the player reach these, as well as other texts like the item pickup lines (though unless you change the appearance of any items you'll likely just want to make cosmetic changes to theses, if any).

You can then place the patch in the WAD as a lump named DEHACKED, for most ports to read, but can also include the patch in the ZIP as mywad.deh so that Doom and Chocolate Doom users can apply it by patching the DOS executable or through the command line. Note, though, that Doom95 doesn't support DeHackEd. That's not a big deal even if that matters, because the levels and the level names in the inter-level screen will still work.

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Awesome. Thanks to everyone who responded. I already knew of mapinfo and using Dehacked patches, but the Doomword was the one I was after. Thanks!

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