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the iron hitman

Outbreak beta

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Hey all, been a while since I last posted here, but anyway...

Outbreak is currently a 1 map GzDoom wad which I have been working on. I've tried to focus on pretty intense gameplay and cool boss fights, as well as trying to become more adept at adding details etc. Now this is largely UNFINISHED and there are still a lot of bugs and some areas look like pure fail.


Near starting area, looks are deceiving:

Also near starting area. Lots of gore for you :):

You're in for a fight here, try not to smash your monitor at this point (yet to be finished...):

Grimy, factory sort of area, I liked this part the way it turned out (yet to be finished...):

Looks safe, wonder what happens when you pick up that yellow key though...(yet to be finished...):

Erm...you will be ready to gouge your eyes out at this point...(again, yet to be finished...):

Note!!!: I did not create any of the textures, monsters, weapons or create the soundtrack, the credit for these go to the original authors!!! I merely made the map, that's all. And yes, the main music doesn't fit the wad theme...

Enjoy :) (Requires GzDoom if you didn't bother reading the upper section of this comment)

Link: http://www.filefront.com/14058183/Outbreakbeta.pk3

List any bugs here, also make requests to what you'd like to see in the map! :) Have fun hacking, shooting and slashing your way through this beta! Glad to be posting again :)

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Nice WIP. other than this HoM and a lack of ammo about where the light visor is, it's looking good.

Also I tried it in skulltag and got the message

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "GLDEFS" line 198:
Unknown tag: dontlightself
I guess skulltag is zdoom and not gzdoom ...

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the iron hitman said:

... and some areas look like pure fail.

Yeah but you must have forgotten to post screenies of those areas, coz most of the areas in the screenies look pretty good to me.

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esselfortium said:

Your first screenshot looks suspiciously similar to a certain room from KDiZD z1m4.

Oh dear, looks like I have some editing to do! :S Is there any ideas on how I can get rid of the suspicious similarities to those screenshots you posted essel? Or should I just scrap the area completely? (I don't know if this breaches any rules or copyright.ownership stuff, I don't want to get into any bad books, so let me know what I can do to change it).

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