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peach freak

Control Problem in Doom Builder 2

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There is something in Doom Builder 2 that is irritating me a bit.....when I am done editing my linedefs, I usually left click a blank spot on the map to deselect everything....however, it randomly changed on me. For example, left clicking will no longer deselect the lines I just edited.....and then right clicking/double clicking will just create a new line, when I don't wanna do that. So the only way I can get out is to change to another editing mode, which gets annoying.

So then I tried changing the Clear Button to the Left Mouse Button. That seemed to work until I find out left clicking on a line no longer selects it. And the button was just randomly C.

How can I make it so that I can left click to select a line and then left click to deselect a line again?


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CodeImp said:

go to Preferenes -> Editing and turn on "Automatic clear selection in Classic modes" that gives you the old behavior where clicking outside the map clears your selection as well.

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