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can PrBoom plus point to another directory for wads?

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Is there a way I can get PrBoom plus to search in another directory for all the wads, as opposed to only looking in the PrBoom folder?

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Yes. I recently did this myself after becoming frustrated with long-as-hell command lines. What you need to do is look for a way to add System Environment Variables. In Windows XP, it should be in the Advanced tab of the System popup in the Control Panel. In Windows Vista, you can find this by going to Control Panel, click on System, and on the left bar, click on "Advanced system settings", navigate to the Advanced tab, and Environment Variables will be at the bottom of that tab. Clicking on that, add a DOOMWADDIR variable name, with the value being a directory where your WADs are! I'll give you a screenshot as an example:


This works for most other source ports as well, I think. Works great for prboom+ though. :)

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Incidentally I was just searching for a way to do this with prboom+ on my old desktop machine. Works great, thanks for the info Xenaero!

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