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Map done, playtesting anyone? (ZDoom and PrBoom Compatible)

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Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Demos are awesome too. This is an experimental map, a little different than my usual style.

ZDoom Version (2.89MB, Includes PSX Music and Sounds):

PrBoom Version (160KB, No PSX Music or sounds):




The atmosphere of the level was designed around the brightness levels and the added sounds and music in the ZDooM version.

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I like these types of open chaos maps. Zdoom 2.3.1 uvmax demo:
2 things to watch out for imo:
*long cooridors or places where you can see really far ahead if there's lots of infightable enemies roaming around since you can kinda easily infight them due to seeing so far ahead (as I did in the yellow door)
*purposely not shooting at starts of maps to keep many enemies dormant
But I liked it.

edit: here's a zd231 speed run which is basically the same route

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