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Splash damage only?

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Is there a way to make an object that is vunerable to splash damage only? If not, is it feasible to make this into a new flag?

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As previously mentioned, this would probably be best handled by an extension to custom damagetypes that enables degrees of immunity to them. We don't currently support this, but there's no reason it couldn't be added.

However, before I can add it, I probably need to generalize the way these fields are stored in mobjinfo_t. We currently have separate hash tables for custom damage death states, custom damage pain states, and separate lookups for some older features such as projectile -fast speeds and "nuke" specials. All of these special case items could be stored in a single associative array type of structure which would be more efficient, and more friendly to the upcoming Aeon API as well.

I would say to stay tuned for further info ;)

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printz said:
Under some limits, you can use "ghost" (0 sized) objects.

That worked, thanks :)

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