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Yay, I found out how to make non-power-of-two textures!

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In lots of source ports, if you're making non-power-of-two textures, there will always be some bloody annoyance of it repeating prematurely. It drives me NUTS!

Here is a work around to fix that:

1) Make the texture 128 by 128 (or whatever power of 2 it is closest to).

2) For doors, realign the patches so they are at the bottom.

3) Add a dummy texture (I used 128x128 of red for this sample) in the background to avoid tutti-frutti.

4) Play the level with your supreme texture fix!

Note: You may want to use a different texture because I found that the red can cause red outlines around your textures. I recommend something that compliments the actual textures, like SHAWN2 or something GRAY for the above texture.

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Sorry to bring this to you, but this is nothing new. Many games (if not all) with hardware accelerated rendering (not only Doom) do this if they need non-power-of-2 textures. It is good that you figured this out by yourself though! This gives you insight in how things work and you did practice finding solutions to common problems.

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You know, that door would look really cool if it was used with polyobjects to make a sliding-apart door.

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I wouldn't think that this is new, but I just wanted to show noobs. :P

And yeah, that door would be awesome with polyobjects.

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