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Hey all,

Whats the deal with the bridges that allow you to walk both on them and under them. I have tried to find a picture but cannot. An example is on Level 1 of Enjay near the begining there is one you walk under before walking over it to get a key.

How do they work etc and how would you put one in your own map?

Confused lol.

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It depends on which source port you are using. GZDoom, Skulltag, and Doom Legacy, all have the ability to make 3d floors (bridges) using linedef actions (GZDoom is line action 160, and skulltag is directly in the list, although I can't remember the number off the top of my head, same for Doom legacy.) ZDoom has the ability to do bridges but I could never get them to work. There's a tutorial for making bridges in ZDoom here and other ZDoom editing tutorials here

The other three source ports require "Dummy" sectors to work. Tutorials are listed below.



And as always, don't forget to search the forums and google first.

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And if you do not wish to use any source port at all, you can use this tutorial to create a bridge that you can walk over and under. There are some limitations, however, as when you are walking over the bridge enemies (or other players in multi-player mode) cannot walk under.

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If you are using Skulltag then you can draw lines(for the shape of the bridge) then you can put a whole bunch of "Bridge" Things. You can look at the CTF maps in Skulltag for an example.

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