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New map for doom.exe

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Just had a play through this. I gotta say I really enjoyed this level. The architecture was huge and I loved the fact that it was really dark outside, and well lit inside. It really helped convey a sense of isolation and spookiness.

The only thing that let it down a little I thought was the number of misaligned textures. (especially the lighting textures). Given how non-square the layout was, I know it is harder to get good alignments, especially with the use of stargr textures etc, but even so,I thought this could have been a little neater overall.

Ammo/health was just about perfect.


There was a huge chunk of the level that can be bypassed entirely as well. I don't mind that coz I really like exploring, but some people might.

But I liked this level a lot. Will be keeping this one. And when I get a chance, might have a look at a few of the other levels on that page of yours. Nice work.

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Not a bad map. Getting maxkills felt like a bit of a pain, mostly because of all the random imps thrown around, and that pitch-dark room with some barons and cacos in it.

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Yeah that was great, I liked how open and fluid it felt. Big windows that looked outside, rooms that worked together very well, and lots of space to fight in. I guess I missed that pitch black room with barons, cause I finished the map fighting only imps/demons/zombies. I guess I'll explore next time.

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Here's a demo of me playing it for the first time :)

Yeah, I didn't mind it. It certainly had a classic doom feel.

My only suggestions would be, that perhaps it might make more sense to force the player to explore the rest of the station - as it is, you could certainly skip a large chunk if you were heading straight for the exit, and not interested in 100% kills.

Edit - Forgot to mention: The demo is recorded in ZDoom 2.3.1.

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