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New Kreed Video

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A new Kreed Video has been released if anyones interested.



Only 2 links I know off.


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Haven't had the chance to download the movie yet (no time unfortunately), but for anyone whos modem can't handle this download, there is a collection of low res screenies taken from the video here:


About the video:

It is in 640x480 resolution in BINK format.

For anyone who had the chance to view this trailer, please share your opinion with the rest of us!

I'll download the trailer as soon as possible (shouldn't take much time on ADSL :)



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Seven - um... are you sure? Cause I downloaded the movie from BURUT at 80k/s (while downloading tons of other stuff at the same time).

Haven't had the chance to check it yet but as soon as I do, I'll come back with impressions.

Still, from the comments I've read on various sites, it seems to be nothing special...

People say it looks bland...

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Alright, I just checked out the video.

The video itself is a bit longer (I think) than the previous video, and shows much more stuff as well.

Things shown:

Some monster models are shown running at you. Nice shadows but bland design and low polycounts.

Fans are shown spinning and casting real-time shadows on the floor and on your weapon, water is shown rippling, highlights are shown moving around and creating all kinds of spots, fog is shown, etc...

The polycounts in the game are pretty low which definetly affects the overall impressions from the game.

Overall, you have to watch the movie yourself and decide whever you like it or you don't.

Personally, I liked the stuff shown there but there was something missing... maybe it's the high polycounts we all been spolied by in DOOM, maybe it's the atmosphere, maybe it's the overall presentation, I donno...

There was something missing, it just didn't impress me nearly as much as DOOM did.

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I would check it out if the links worked :(

but from what i've seen this is quite an impressive engine.

does it beat Unreal 2 tho, thats the question...

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AN7 - I suppose it does beat Unreal II engine when it comes to indoor areas and dymanic lighting but it definetly looses to it in the outdoor areas.

More impressions from the video:

The shadows for the 'monsters' just seem to rotate around at a set speed and direction, i.e. totally unrelated to the light sources. It could be an unfortunate coincidence, but then the shadows carry on rotating even when the monsters stop.
Guess it's on the 'to-do' to have properly sourced shadows.

I also can't help thinking from the rotating red light sources, pregenerated projected soft shadows, sharper dynamic (presumably stencil volume) shadows and textured florescent light 'sources', that there's been some influence from the early 'New Doom' Tokyo footage.

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While not in the least impressed, I still think the game is looking pretty cool. Lighting effects are not as movie-like as in the new Doom and the characters certainly don't look like they were picked from a movie like the new Doom's. The weapons, while looking very interesting, have a somewhat cartoonish look.

But overall, I think the game looks rather good.

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It's a design problem. Actually the Serious engine could be used for some sweet stuff, like a firt person RPG a la System Shock. All the ingredients are there, even relatively high polycounts.

It's just that Serious Sam's approach doesn't really show what it can be archieved with it.

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Firstly, big thanks to Seven and Dima for the links!

Secondly, how can anyone call the design shown in that video lackluster? Okay, some spots were kind of conventional. But what about that staircase with the fans? What about those hallways with the lights rotating around the walls like something out of a funhouse?! The first video was kind of limited architecturally, but this more than makes up for it!

There is good use of color here-- where most games are either very bright of very dingy, the art here seems to have the two extremes interplaying, always on the brink of being one of the other, but never crossing over. It's a wonderful, exciting artistic effect. The structure seems to also have this wonderful mix between the metal-age fantasy stuff, and victorian(?)-type metal work in the cielings and fans.

There are less apparent polygons, but they're used well in conjunction with the lights, and evoke a feeling of natural clutter. I think we can all agree, that, technology-wise, Doom3 is more assertive, but Burut's engine has a lot to offer-- softer shadows, less CPU usage (no/less shadow volume calculations)...

I whole-heartedly agree about the weapons, though. Maybe it's a certain game style, but it does look cartoonish, and detracts from the realism to me. I'd be more liable to cut myself with a knife like that, then any enemy I might encounter :(

Anyway, great demonstration of technology, though, and hope Burut's team has the best of luck with it.

Now, where are those new Doom3 videos...?

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Well, this monday starts MacWorld. That's one year since that magic vid, they owe us some new bits of media ^_^

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I must say. i didnt care for the character models or the weapons at all.

I was impressed by the Doom 3 ones.. and the Unreal 2 ones but not the Kreed enemies.

I could make the Kreed enemeis... well come to think of it i could make the Unreal 2 enemies aswell :)

Also the weapons where... pathetic and had no kick behind them.

I was impressed by the enviro.. but it kinda seemed overboard. Saying 'Look what our engine can do' rather than Doom not needing to say 'Look what our engine can do' it just did it :)

Does that make any sense :) no probably not

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