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Help me! My dehacked patch won't work in PrBoom! (Fixed now )

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OK, so I'm making a weapon mod for a small conversion of Doom, which I want to run under the PrBoom engine. Everything worked fine, until I made a mine launcher. It's supposed to wait for a bit before blowing up, but when I run it under PrBoom, instead of the mine exploding, the game hangs! And I also want the player to die when weapon 7 is selected (it won't be used in the game) but nothing actually happens!

Please help me, it works fine in ZDoom but dehacked isn't needed in ZDoom and I really don't want to start over using DECORATE because that would stop it working in everything else and I don't know how to use DECORATE. I want this to be cross-platform so please don't tell me to use DECORATE.

Update: I found out how to fix it - I had used the function to play DSBFG in the explosion. I have found out now that you can play its death sound. So I used that.

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The mine layer requires MBF behaviour, so you need to set the complevel to 11 or higher.

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