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Linedef special #37

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W1 - Floor lower to lowest floor (changes texture).

Exactly how does the engine decide which floor flat the sector gets after it finishes lowering?

In prboom the behaviour seems to change when changing complevels, I am most interested in the original doom.exe v1.9 behaviour.

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Nevermind, found the answer in the doom wiki.

A floor action can be a texture change type, in which case after the action the floor texture of the affected floor, and possibly the sector type of the affected floor are changed to those of a model sector. The sector type may be zeroed instead of copied from the model, or not changed at all. These change types are referred to below as Tx (texture only), Tx0 (type zeroed), and TxTy (texture and type changed). The model sector for the change may be the sector on the first sidedef of the trigger (trigger model) or the sector with floor at destination height across the lowest numbered two-sided linedef surrounding the affected sector (numeric model). If no model sector exists, no change occurs. If a change occurs, floor texture is always affected, lighting is never affected, even that corresponding to the sector's type, nor is any other sector property other than the sector's type.

Numeric model algorithm:

1. Find all floors adjacent to the tagged floor at destination height
2. Find the lowest numbered linedef separating those floors from that tagged
3. The sector on the other side of that linedef is the model

But now another question, can linedefs be renumbered in doombuilder? I know DETH has that ability.

Edit: Ok, that was not the problem. My problem was a variant of the scythe2 map24 bug, too many lines surrounding the triggered floor.

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Usually floors that lower are supposed to "sink" into slime, so they steal the surrounding properties.

Raising floors don't have a visible proper floor at the start, so the sector they will copy from is the one from in front of the trigger linedef.

Read the Unofficial Doom Specs for vanilla editing reference. It's a great source, whose author should have been the first mentioned in this thread.

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