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Remote Door Help

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Ive been following a guide i found on yahoo

and im trying to get a remote door to work but im about to toss my computer out the window

some on explain how this works for me pls

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Well first, let's have a look at this remote door tutorial. Then we'll be able to see what's wrong.

But also, I'll give you a hand here, assuming you know how to make basic level geometry.

1) Create a door, but don't make any of its lines open it when you press use.

2) Create a switch somewhere, and in its properties section, make the action 63 and set the tag to 1 (or whatever tag is next unused).

3) Open the door sector's properties and set the tag to the same as the switch tag.

4) Hopefully this way the ground around your window won't taste of computer.

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Action tags are sort of useful, should learn to read the two letter codes.

D = means a Local Door. Door Locally means the door trigger line is actually part of the door, a normal door.
S = A switch, These remotely activate something elsewhere.
W = means you walk over a line to trigger something.
G = a gunshot or punch will activate this switch.

1 = means something that can only be triggered once.
R = means you can trigger it always.

So knowing the codes. You want a Door that opens with a switch once and stays open. You would use S1 Door Open Stay. Action tag would be 103.
Also give that the linedef a tag, lets say Tag 23. The sector that is the door should be tagged as 23 as well. Matching tags is what links the switch to the door.

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i understand the code

and im looking to make a door were when you walk in a sector the door opens and enemies come out of a room

thank you for your help

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Well then you would need a line and placed on that line W1 ( walk once ) or a WR ( walk repeatable ) Give the line a tag number and your door sector the same exact tag number.

I suggest you might like to use either line type/action 86 - WR ( walk repeatable ) door open stay or type/action 2 - W1 door open stay.

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i figured it out
the guide was confusing me as to what to se the line tag and the sector tag to but i got it

thank you for the help though

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