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carmack on id's history

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I don't put a lot of stock in pinning down "firsts", even though people in general, and the media in particular, love to harp on it.

Everything is built on past work.

A lot of people like to think of creativity and innovation as something that springs from the void, but the truth is that everything is traceable to its origins.

I consider myself fortunate that I am consciously aware of the process. I can dissect all of my good ideas into their original parts, and even when there is an interesting synthesis, the transformation can usually be posed as an analogy to some previous work.

Given that fact, you will rarely find me touting anything as a "first", because I could always say it is "sort of like this thing over here, but with the principle demonstrated by this over there added to allow it to give the feature we wanted back then" and so on.

There are the occasional "eureka!" moments, but they tend to be in twitchy little technical things, not the larger ideas like "3D environment" or "multiplayer gaming".

I'm not all that concerned with our place in history. The process has been interesting enough in its own right, and lots of people have enjoyed the work as we produced it.

John Carmack

Thx Voodoo Extreme!

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