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Searching for Doom3 jokewad

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Someone made a jokewad that supposedly "turned doom 2 into doom 3". The joke was that all the hud weapons were replaced with giant black squares that covered up the whole screen, and the fist was replaced with a flash light that was a giant black square with a hole cut in the center so you could see, making a mockery of doom 3's repetitive and boring gameplay of walking around with the flash light, switching to a normal weapon, firing blindly, then taking out the flashlight again to check if you killed your target.

Anyone know where this wad went?

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I thought that Doom3 jokewad was just a simple acs script that made all the levels have 0 light level or something.

Anywhos, this actually sounds amusing. You sure it's not somewhere in the /idgames directory? Maybe someone's got a video of it in action oon Youtube.

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Yes! That's it. Thank you. I got up to MAP02 and died after I got the red key. Way too many imps for such cumbersome gameplay.

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