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Skulltag 64

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Hey there,

Ive been working a few weeks at a time on a project called skulltag 64.
Ive been developing the doom 64 levels to work with the latest skulltag and gzdoom so far i think it looks great.

my progress so far.....

map 39 - New Title Map - 85% done still needs tweaks and some lights
Staging Area - 99% done Nearly finished, few texture glitches though
The Terraformer - 99% done Still some missing textures
Main Engineering - 80% done Few lighting issues, and stairs are glitchy
Holding Area - 95% done Nearly done, lighting needs tweaking
Levels 5 through 38 - 15% haven't really started these.

This includes colored lighting, Ive also been trying my best to stay as close to looking like the original as possible, so that it doesn't ruin the story line. As a bonus im going to include a completely remade title map. When Ive made more progress ill post screenies. I want to make level 5 before i release my beta. should be about 3 more days.
Ive been doing this all myself, and many thanks to the doom 64 Tc team
for bringing such an awesome game to the PC.




The file is nearly 60 megabytes, reasoning is because it has the huge music wad in it. If people don't like the title map ill remove it and replace it with the original.Id like anyone who downloads to give me a list of bugs and glitches found.


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