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A few demon drawings/sketches

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I've been lurking for a long time, some days more than others, so I figured that I should post some drawings I did awhile back while I was still in College.

New School revenant that I quick drew out during a 20 minute break in between classes on day. As you can tell, I didn't finish it.

Old skool Baron of Hell I drew in about 35-40 minutes when I was bored. Didn't quite finish it either.

Old skoolish cyberdemon I actually finished.

Alright. Here is a new sketch. I found it in my old sketchbook and decided to quickly add the right arm and leg.

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Thanks for the comments.

If I get time, I might upload a few more drawings. I'm getting a little rusty, haven't drawn since I graduated. Drawing some more doom baddies might give me some practice.

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Pretty cool sketches, I like that you give the characters a lot of bulk and substance, "meaty" if you will. The Revenant is my favorite of the three.

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The Barron is sweet! I think its the best of the bunch because he looks so volatile, like he could just reach out and rip your arm off with out even trying.

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Thanks for the comments guys. By the way, I added an extra sketch. I might be adding a Wolfenstein 3D sketch soon.

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Creaphis said:

Better than a lot of other sketches we get here.

meh, not really.

Most just go for humor....which gets old pretty quick.

These were good despite the fact they were all too close to looking like a nintendo game monster design.

The Imp and Revenant were awesome.

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