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Teleports with Yadex [SOLVED]

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I checked out MAP03 of the Doom2 wad to see how teleports can be done but I'm still at a loss. I have set all the linedefs at sector 17 to Type 97 as indicated by MAP03, but I can't seem to figure out where to go from there (I also tried Type 39 but I have no idea what the difference is between them...39 says W1 and 97 says WR...???). I set a teleport exit at sector 8. I noticed that the linedef in MAP03 that I looked at has a Sector Tag that says #15 (7). I set my Sector Tag to 8 but Yadex says (none). So, I tried setting it to 15 and it still said (none). So, I tried 666...yep, still said (none). I've searched both google and this forum for any information and came up empty-handed... :(

EDIT: I figured it out...I would like to delete this post now but the forum won't let me.

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