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doom ipx network connection problems

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For those who have used IPX network, or at least emulated it on dosbox, is it true that, in a 4 player match, 3 players started their match, and the fourth player does not start his match until seconds later, the match won't load up?

I'm saying is that to get the IPX network deathmatch to run, does all 4 players have to start the match all at the same time, and even a couple of seconds of delay from one of them, the match just won't load?

I just did something like that to test how IPX emulation on dosbox works on Hexen. 3 computers connected, but I had to run upstairs to the fourth one, so that resulted in a delay in the fourth player joining. The game runs, but it is stuck at the loading screen.

Same thing happens when I do a null modem connection when I played doom years ago. When I create a match with one computer, and I delay and join like 10 seconds later with the other computer, the match won't load.

So does any of this happen to you?

Do you know how to fix this?

No source ports, because my goal is to get vanilla Doom, Heretic, and Hexen multiplayer working using dosbox, and the oldschool death manager program that comes with it.

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You have as much time as you need. Doom does not load before all players have started IPXSETUP.EXE. The computer which acts as the server waits for all expected players to join.
And after Doom has loaded, it may hang for a while if the other computers are slower, but the game will start eventually.

That's on the real thing anyways. I didn't try it with DOSBox. IPX is not designed with routers in mind, so DOSBox has to emulate a coaxial network too, if you're not using the real thing.

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DOSBox is not true IPX, it's an emulation of IPX tunneled into UDP.

Maybe you are running into UDP timeouts on your PCs, or on your router if it goes through one of those between the 4 computers.

I've seen videos of DOSBox IPX multiplayer Doom, and I know it doesn't work in v1.0 or v1.1 of doom.exe, but I've never played it myself either.

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