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How to make "regular" polygons

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When I say "regular polygon", I mean that as the geometric definition. So, all angles are equal, and all sides are equal. My question is: how do you make a regular polygon in DB without manually drawing out each linedef and making sure they're all equal? DB is much better in almost every way that the last editor I messed around with, WadAuthor. But the one thing in WadAuther that I can't seem to do in DB is make a regular polygon. I just want to tell it how many sides, and the length of each side, and it make one for me without me having to measure etc. This seems like something that would surely be in DB, but I can't seem to find it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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You can't in DB2. Maybe some programmer cares to write a plugin to add this ability. Or maybe I will some day.

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