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Cannot get WADs going in Freedoom

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New to Freedoom, as well as modding Doom. I've tried downloading Twilight Warrior, Action Doom, and Eternal Doom; none of them seem to work.

I'm currently operating freedoom via Odamex, and what I'm doing is dragging the .wad file into the Odamex folder (before starting up Omadex, only to get the Freedoom screen).

Much appreciation for any and all help

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Run from the command line such as: odamex -file twilight.wad

Also, Action Doom is a ZDoom mod; you'll need to use ZDoom to play it.

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Drag the mod over the program, not the folder.

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I thank you for the launchers link (downloaded ZDL), just not sure how to get Action Doom running (and yes, I'm running zdoom). :S

EDIT: nevermind, figured it out. Thanks again for the link, Jodwin! :D

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