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Locating Unknown Textures

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I snagged a wad I made a long time ago which originally used the NMN Corporation texture pack, and I retextured it to use strictly doom 2 textures. I replaced all the visible unknown textures and flats with Doom 2 ones, and when I play the map there are no visible HOMs or checkered textures anywhere, though the console lists well over 20 textures or flats that are unknown.

I'm currently using DB1, and when checking for errors, it doesn't list unknown textures as errors, and when using "Fix missing textures" it replaces all the missing textures and the unknown textures remain. I need to find these lines that are using missing textures but I can't seem to find them anywhere, and I have to get rid of them lest it causes ports to crash if the textures are not found.

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I can think of two solutions to your problem:

1) Use DB2. Its invalid texture checker actually works properly.

2) Open your map in ZDoom and look in the console (use pgup/pgdn to scroll) to find the names of the unknown textures, and use Find/Replace in Doom Builder to replace them with something like ashwall2 or whatever.

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Hmm. Yep. Opened up doombuilder 2 and it's got exactly the tool im lookin for. Thank you :D

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