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A question concerning a sprite sheet

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I am well aware that I am halfway through my megawad project. But, now I would like to know if this sprite sheet I found would be perfect for DOOM for the purpose of Sprites for the Velociraptor enemy that will be in my megawad, or should I seek professional help?

I feel inherently uncertain about this.

Image Below

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You mean as a guide for redrawing them? Because I think those sprites might look a little too isometric for Doom.

And yes, you should seek professional help.

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Thank you for the advice. I do confess however that I cannot sprite worth a shit. Therefore I will try to get someone from this site to make some velociraptor sprites. (My older brother just got finished spriting my final boss and he really does not want to do any more sprites, so I am sorta up shit creek without a paddle)

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