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Super Jamie

Strife support?

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Not yet. There's been some utmost-preliminary work in that direction, in that EE can now deal with Strife's texture lump format, and the crossfade screenwipe is implemented.

The rest of Strife support will have to wait on two things:
1. Finishing my work with the reverse engineering project
2. The same stuff Heretic is waiting on - weapons and inventory for EDF :)

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Frankly all the other games that EE means to support are likely to happen largely in tandem. If you look at the code presently, you will see progress in all directions - Heretic is almost finished, Hexen has more and more line specials and scripts going off successfully if you visit its maps when loaded over Doom 2, and Strife can load with its textures without crashing the game.

At this point more is done on Hexen than on Strife, but that could very easily change because frankly, Strife is a simpler game, even though the source code is not available for it. 90% of its line specials are identical to DOOM's, and very few of the core engine routines are altered by even one line. It's a few major features (the dialogue engine being the foremost) that cover most of its needs. A large number of its features are concurrent with ones in the Raven codebase - hubs and inventory for example. Even though Rogue implemented those on their own internally, for EE's purposes we will only implement these things once, in a coherent fashion, much as ZDoom has chosen to do.

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