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Good addon maps for the Doom 64 TC

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I finished playing Doom 64: Absolution about a day or so ago, and what an enjoyable TC I found it to be!

So I'm left, as always, wanting more. I played (and even reviewed) a recent map for it called "Temple Ruins" yesterday, but otherwise, aside from Outcast and The Reckoning, does anyone know some more quality maps made for it?

P.S. There is another mapset that was included with the Outcast levels by (I believe) the same author as The Reckoning. The link below is to a zip file containing only that addon (it's called Redemption Denied, I believe). Do any of you happen to know/be willing to play and share your thoughts on this episode?


Of course, as I said, any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I'd just prefer not to have to look through the whole archive to find the scant few Doom 64 addons released (too bad Ty doesn't have a separate folder for them). Thank you.

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