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Fan Fiction - Hallway Battle

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Hallway Battle – a DooM Fan Fiction By alienzombie101

Monsters depicted in this fiction are of the DooM 3 universe. I have tried to depict them as best I could.

It was by the numbers, their movement through the halls- well, what halls there were to look at. It was the same everywhere they went. Walls either covered in debris, blood, or some other kind of mess. Hell, they’d even encountered strange organic growths gaining a foothold on the walls themselves. Crack littered the edge of each growth as if the growth was growing through the wall. Each man in Delta Team had trained for service in the Marine Corps, some having gone through numerous wars and conflicts on Earth. But there was nothing that could’ve prepared them for this battle. This horror. It was the worst thing a man could go through, they say, to see the illuminating, transparent, demonic spirits fling themselves into the heads of your friends. Still worse, they’d turn their weapon on men whom just seconds ago their brothers in arms. It’s the stuff of nightmares fighting these…. things. Whatever they were, they felt no emotion. No anger, no pain, no suffering, and above all had no regard for the life of whomever they were to devour.

So Delta Team’s flashlights scanned the length of the hallway. Every man afraid of what might attempt to destroy them next. On point, a Marine with a standard issue machine gun shivered as the distinct sound of the mechanical legs of a Demon began rumbling through the hallway. The beam of his flashlight exposed the slobbering waste of meat, quickly followed by the deafening sound of a machine gun. Each bullet ripping wide holes into the Marine’s foe. Others joined him in bringing the hulk of meat down, where even in death it manages to clamp its jaws on a Marine’s helmet. With the sound of a skull shattered, the limp body of a squad member and the body of his killer slammed against the metal tiling of the floor. Blood pooled in the depressions left by the metallic legs that belonged to the Demon.

And even after such a scenario, where another warrior is lost, the rest of Delta Team has not even enough time to reorganize as the towering body of a Hell Knight shreds a near wall, paneling killing Marines where even the shear momentum of the pieces of the wall is enough to squash them like a bug. Remaining members of the squad open fire on their new enemy, gaining little penetration through the Hell Knight’s muscle mass. Plasma is let fly towards the human combatants, some striking right on target. A Marine watches as plasma melts what is left of the left side of one of his comrades, the heat of the attack causing beads of sweat to begin running down his arms within seconds. And he too succumbs to death as the Hell Knight grasps him with both hands, where their strength alone crushes his chest cavity. The Marine stared through his helmet as he was dropped onto the floor, his body broken. And he watched as his squad mates died around him, the hallway becoming darker and darker as the world around him faded and their screams choked. His breathing stopped, his eyes closed. Though he met a morbid end, his soul is calm, for he has peace now. He would no longer be tortured by the horrors of his enemies.


If this fictional work was morbid and made ssem like I like violence and shit too much, I don't. I was merely attempting to depict the seriousness of the situation and how evil and strong the demons of hell really are. Oh, and thanks for reading.

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