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Floor Waggle

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I know how it works and all, but in a previous thread, I saw a tutorial and the issue why I need it is because..

I can get it to waggle, but not exactly, every sector Tagged is supposed to waggle making a "Build-Up"... But it all moves in symmetrical order, and not the Build Up.

Thread i'm talking about is http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/45467-bobbing-floating-sectors-objects-in-liquid/ , where it USED to have an GIF image of the Floor Waggling, and I swear there used to be a tutorial or example map, but no sight of it.

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Thanks a bunch.
Even though I tried the LineDef Action: 138 "Floor Waggle", it only works for one sector as for the script being SectorID # - <# . An to affect multiple on Linedef wise, you'd have to place multiple Lines with the action on separate Tags, which in due time is tedious an could easily fail.

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