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ZDL is making me lose the will to live.

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I'm trying to get everything to run from a universal folder, so I try ZDL to keep all my files ready... it makes prboom store screnies and demos and chocolate doom look for its cfgs in the folder it starts in, so I made a folder for it to start in where all my stuff is kept, and all is well.

But when I load an external file it makes prboom store screenshots and demos in the folder where the external file is kept and worse, it makes chocolate doom look for its cfgs in that folder and even worse, it makes a cfg in that folder if it's not already there.

I now have 4000 random chocolate doom cfgs in my mods folder, hundereds of screenshots where I don't want them, and basically a complete madness. If anyone can link me to a proper launcher that works, I will be more than happy. Or, if somebody can tell me how to fix it by editing the source code, I will also be happy.

I like ZDL, except for that evil bug. If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful. Thanks.

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Actually, that's the additional config file, as Chocolate Doom has two, so that it doesn't have to add stuff to the standard Doom config file format.

If the launcher lets you assign extra command line parameters for each engine, you could tell it to use -config (plus -extraconfig in Chocolate Doom's case) to force it to use specific CFG files.

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Waiting for obligatory CDL plug by Jodwin...

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