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RESOLVED: 3d bridge issues

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Okay. I'm trying to learn basic 3d bridges by using the "monkey see monkey do" method. It seems to involve a lot of sector overflow (that is, two sectors taking up the same area). However, DB2, instead of allowing this overflow, makes a load of miniature sectors, determined by the lines I use. I can see how this is helpful, but how do I disable this feature?

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Like Boris said, sectors cannot overlap. Some vanilla Doom tutorials on 3D bridges can be found here. Some source ports have extended editing features that allow for better results, eg ZDoom's floor stacking feature or Eternity's linked portals.

Doombuilder has some configuration options. eg "stitch vertices range" and more importantly: "stitch vertices" (this last one under "default", but also accessible in the menu bar as an icon). Turning this off will alllow you to place a vertex on a line without it automatically splitting it. If it does split after a move, you can Edit -> Undo the split.

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