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Another new map. [Updated]

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I have made a new map, it now uses the scythe2 wad and runs with Boom.

I made this as a skin hell map and want suggestions on what to do with it to make it really worth a play.

Just look for the Skin Hell entry on my Wadfiles page.

The reason I switched to Sythe2 is because I wanted to use more Gothic Textures as well as the flesh. I have added an outside area and I will be adding a building outside where you have to fight your way to a switch to lower the blue key.

Scythe2: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=13600

I am downloading the completed version of scythe2, are there any differences in the TEXTURES lump between the original scythe2 and the new version?

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If you're wondering why there's a lack of replies, the URL you gave for your site was wrong :P (It's missing the .htm)

You might also want to link the resource .wad, in case people don't have it too.

As for the map itself, I feel it needs some work.

For example, the six Barons sitting on top of that platform only visible from where you've put the rocket launcher - they're not really much of a threat to the player.

Same for the Pain Elementals - the Lost souls can't get through the impassible window.

And, on the flesh textured bridge across the slimepit, if you fall in, you currently can't get out unless you jump.

I also think you should give the Cyberdemon a wider field of view - right now, if one is using a mouse look port, it's fairly easy just to spam BFG's at him from a distance, and there's nothing he can do about it.

I'd also try and force the player to clear out the first room - as it is, currently, you could probably just run straight through until you hit the two Arch-Viles.

Also, why is the megasphere sitting next to what is effectively the exit switch? 0_o

You also have two imps stuck together in one of those large cages. :P

Hope some of this was helpful.

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