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DM Map (2-4 players)

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Hi All,

I'm still discovering a lot of stuff at the moment and this week found DM bots so started making a small crate arena to muck around in. It evolved into the below. Still a crate-fest but far from the square room it started as.

I think it's just about done - but uh just wondering if the power-ups I have in (2xinvul - one only available on specific respawn) nerf the experience a little. I figure it might help prevent a lock-down in a duel.



EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention it needs a Boom compat port. I've used some transfer lighting specials.

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Hi all,

Done a bit more work on this one. Had good read of the 'invul in dm' thread and decided to remove them and put a megasphere into play instead. Also built a BFG area and modified the skill settings. skill 1-2 is no bfg or powerups (megasphere is still active) and weapon placement is modified. other skills are bfg + full powerups.

put a moving floor to make the megasphere a bit more risky to attempt the grab. basically if you get stuck waiting for the floor to release you, you're telefrag bait.


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