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Zeldoom TC, early WIP

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Hello. I am LordTyphoon, also known as Mr.Eltee or Mr.Bojangles, but to most(all(everybody(the world(hello mom)))), not known at all. I don't really post often, if I even post at all.

However, today, I present you with my current brainchild:

The Zeldoom TC for ZDooM-based ports. Zeldoom aims to recreate the original NES game as much as possible, while being in a 3d FPS view. So far, only the dungeons (first and second quest) are aimed to be recreated, but I may end up doing the overworld aswell, perhaps recreating the entire game.

Currently, what is done is:

- Most graphics for Dungeon 1
- Placeholder logo/titlescreen
- Door & Key scripts and key inventory items
- Link player actor
- Stalfos enemy actor & graphics
- Damage invulnerability & knockback
- Dungeon entrance/end statue graphics
- Placeholder sword weapon


I put links to the screenshots because I don't have a clue how to hide stuff in this board and well, they're pretty large. Don't want to incommodate anybody..

I am posting this today to see how much interest people would have for this, or what reactions it can gather. I would also like to see if people would be willing to help later on, as I will probably seek help with some monster actors/graphic making. Some later Zelda monsters would be complicated to recreate in DooM, and well, not being an artist, I'd need help creating 8-bit hud sprites for the weapons.

YouTube WIP #1 video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89CRiyZpLJo

Sister thread on ZDoom.org: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=23110

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Not sure if want?

I like the idea in essence, but I personally would probably take some artistic license with the graphics.

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Wow. This looks really cool. Only thing I'd change is the sword. I think it should be a stab motion like in the original game, though I don't know if you were already going to do that. Other things I would change (sounds, hud) I see you're already working on changing, from reading the other thread.

Unfortunately, I'm no artist, so I wouldn't be much help. Good luck, I'll be looking forward to this.

edit: oop, looks like you are going to change the weapons, never mind.

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These videos are kinda like extended changelogs, they're not trailers or whatever. I'll do a million if I feel like it.

Also yes, I am working on changing the sprite, but I myself am no artist. It's been changed, but only by a mockup of what it should be. I got a friend currently helping me with that.

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This is interesting...I was planning on seeing if I could make a map or two based on Neutopia. Of course, if I do it now, people will think I simply copied you, hehe. :D

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Looks awesome I tried to make a zelda based wad but but if you've seen my levels then you'd know why I stopped.

I would like to see the full health sword thing that would be awesome.

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