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using things for multiple floors

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hey gang,

Since zdoom (and boom?) gives heights to things and thus things can be walked on top of, can you use a thing to create a second level to walk across? Say create an invisible floating thing that levitates in the air, and then place it under a bridge you've constructed out of textures. I'm guessing if this can be done it's ooooooooold news, but hey, I'm back after 10 years. Is there an example of this? If it can be done, how do I implement it into a WAD?

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NaturalTvventy said:
(and boom?)

As far as being obstructions, in Boom things have an infinite height, as in Doom. Apart from more advanced engines, Heretic and Hexen do have limited heights for things (as required by the wings of wrath powerup.)

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