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Tormentum - Does E2M9

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This is the secret level accessed from Maledictio's secret exit, as it is short just like the original id level.

Download link: HERE

Enjoy and please let me think of this, as I say for every map of the series I am releasing.

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It was fast to build because I had the layout lingering in my mind during Maledictio's development.

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This was alright, but I wouldn't quite put it on par with the rest of the episode. Compared to the rest of the episode, this level was quite easy. I liked the marble theme, but I thought the ashwall outside the window looked kinda weird. Other than those little nitpicks though, this level is by no means bad and definitely feels like a secret map (short, sweet, and with some sort of gimmick).

Oh and I'm not sure if this was intentional, but you can


press the switch which lowers the beginning room's floor right from the beginning of the map

In fact, now that I think about it... Why reveal the secret map before the episode is finished? Surprise is ruined. ;/

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I liked it, nice architecture. Short like the original secret level, and has an actual point unlike the original which I always thought was kinda dumb. Must admit I was expecting more traps and enemies coming at you from all around like the others.

One thing I only just thought of, do you think there should be an actual reward for finding the secret level?

Like in the original E2M9 you get blue armor, a backpack, a soulsphere and every weapon (except the BFG). You could potentially pistol start it and be in damn good shape for E2M6 by the time you finish. In this one, you get just enough to finish the map.

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Since this is a boom map here is my 2c's worth for improvement IMO

1. Give sector 64 the floor flat19

2. Give linedef 337 the linetype 261. Tag it and sector 64.

3. Give linedef the type 27592.

4. Change sector 62's ceiling height to 68.

5. Change linedef 364's Y offset to 14.

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