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Mirror problem

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Simply attach the linedef special 182 to the appropriate linedef in ZDoom ( Doom in Hexen format ).


make sure that you leave a substantial, and I mean substantial, void behind the mirror line or else you may experience HOM.
It must be, at least, as large as the space in front of the mirror.

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Yes, in order for the mirror to render correctly, there must be empty space behind it in the shape of the sectors that the mirror must reflect. If you are looking at the mirror, imagine yourself reflected in the mirror, and where you are on the other side of the mirror. If your reflected self is not in the void, or there are sectors between your reflected self and the opposite side of the mirror, the engine will show HOM.

It's kind of hard to visualize it, but if you want to be on the safe side, take all the sectors where you can see into the mirror, and copy+flip those sectors to the other side of the linedef with the mirror special. If the copy+flipped sectors don't overlap anything, your mirror will be fine.

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