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Hello doom world forms, I'm trying to figure out a way my monster can dash toward it's target, and then melee it. Kind of like the lost soul homing toward it's target. I'll list the order I want it to happen. (Credit goes to Wild Wiesel for his Mech from the stanger, and curseder II from mutiny, I'm using his sprites and some of his scripts)

Monster get's within melee range of a target
Monster Dashes at target
Monster Melees the target

Here's My Script

ROB2 a 10 A_FaceTarget
ROB2 a 0 A_Playsound ("Mech/Dash")
ROB2 a 2 a_Skullattack
ROB2 a 2 A_Facetarget
ROB2 a 2 A_meleeattack
ROB2 a 6
Goto See

My problem with my monster is when it dashes toward it's target, it's melee attack doesn't always hit. I'm still experimenting with it, and I'll let you all know how it turns out.

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