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Map23 Replacement - Name Pending

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This is in the same theme as the level, with lots of barrels scattered in various points within the level. It will have a wooden and metal theme throughout and will be my first released WAD hopefully. Here are some screenshots. I need some help on what kinds of detail I could add to the first room - which I have just made, and what kinds of difficulty would be desired. This level should focus on barrels alot more then Doom 2 map does.


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I think the best way to do a barrel-oriented level like this is to give the player only a small variety of weapons and not much ammunition, which would force them to use the barrels to their total advantages. If you can, work it so you have to lure the monsters into specific areas for the barrels to do full damage (although this would be difficult since the monsters can also detonate barrels) or shoot only specific barrels or groups of barrels to kill the monsters. Also, there are a couple places in Barrels of Fun where the barrel clusters can hurt you as much as the monsters unless you maneuver just the right way, which also adds an interesting element to the type of design.

By the way, I like the look of the level...it resembles Plutonia more than Doom II, which is good (probably the wood and metal thing.)

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