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New Doom 3 Modification

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Hey everyone, I've been working on a new mod for the last few days that updates the game beyond the typical audio or weapon update.

I ask you to read below for a minor note about the changes in this mod, as they aren't simple changes.


I've re-programmed the artificial intelligence pathways, and general monster behavior. The general completely scripted monster has been replaced with a monster that thinks in realtime, and pathing, as well as general decisions are made based on the monsters current field of view, any other monster it has tagged with (monsters have the ability to "team" up with other monsters who have targeted the player) and flank the player, based on, again, their field of view versus the players field of view and current location.
Other monster updates have been worked on, such as the ability to realize the player is nearby if your flashlight beam is within their field of view, or even pointing it at them. Monsters also don't always stop to shoot you. As we know, they generally chase, get within range, stop and shoot, then continue to chase. Now they will shoot you while they chase you, given the circumstances of course.
Weapons have also been tweaked, aside from the basic clip changes, the shot gun is your overpowered friend, with a typical instant kill at close range, and a more realistic spread. There are several tweaks to prevent this weapon from being used in all scenario types.
The chaingun has also been modified to present a more realistic spread during constant firing.
In general, each weapon has its own recoil setting, hold the weapon too long and your accuracy turns to nothing. Reload times have also been modified to reflect other specific game play changes.
Overall, the general game play is a lot faster than it was before. Player speeds, enemy speeds, and my favorite, imps and their fireballs.
There is now a noticeable head-bob when moving, as well as weapon movement, and not just flashlight movement ( this affects aim ) while moving. While I haven't modified the cross hair yet, accuracy is dependent upon crouching, standing, movement, as well as whether you are under fire, among other things.
There are of course many more additions.
The Pistol, Shotgun, and Machine gun have all received realistic combat lights, instead of the generic flashlight thrown on top. The light is a sharper, brighter image now, but covers less distance. It's ideal for lighting up targets in front of you, but it does not provide the full brightness the flashlight alone provides, adding balance to the light-on-gun technique.
Audio has been heavily modified, with special thanks to nThompson for his rocket launcher audio bit. All weapons and some monsters have received audio overs, and I plan on touching up all sounds in the game in a future release.
Textures and particle effects have received an update, along the lines of sharper, more pristine images. It is possible to see dust particles in the lights now, and textures don't feel so flat and blurry as they did initially.
To balance the weapon and movement updates, monster health and speeds have been re-focused. All monsters, including zombies, are more vulnerable to head shots, and zombies in particular are less vulnerable than any other monster to body shots. I am currently coding the dismemberment mod which will coincide with this one, which performs the same action as seen in "Dead Space," where limb damage or decapitation leads to a quicker kill and a smaller expense of ammo, as well as the model edition required to show this during in-game play.
Unfortunately, due to the changes in this mod, you would have to start over.

I'm currently working on a Quake 1 Clan Arena port to Doom 3, which will include the original weapons, as well as the original speeds and physics. The current design theory includes q1dm3, q1dm4, and q1dm6. I'm interested in anyone who works with model creation as well as texture creation, as well as audio artists.
If you're interested in helping or testing mods please send an email to mikel.toth@gmail.com
my level design site can be viewed at http://duskmourne.blogspot.com as well as contacted on irc.gamesurge.net #rebirth.studios

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Please remember the booster pack has only been in development for a few days, it will most likely contain many bugs.

-Michael "spark" Toth

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