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ZDoom + Final Doom = Green lines GALORE

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Guys, I want to start by thanking you in keeping the Doom community alive and well, and I apologize profusely in advance if this has been answered.

I am trying to run Final Doom on my computer (Nvidia graphics, XP) and while Zdoom and Dosbox have given me success in running Doom2, no such luck can be had for Final Doom. I have spent the better portion of my free time this week trying to trouble shoot and fix the following problem, so please don't think I immediately turned here for the proverbial spoon feed.

When I attempt to run Final Doom, my screen is riddled with green lines, very "Matrix" like when Neo was facing off the Smiths at the end of the first film. Is this my card running amok?

Thanks for your help, all...I sincerely appreciate it.

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For those of you that are having this problem...grin and bear it through the beginning and find your way to the video config...simpy select NOT to run this in full screen...then you're gtg!

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The problem most likely lies with your graphics card. Care to give some more specifics?

Which ZDoom version are you using and what's your system's specs?

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