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Eternity mapping tutorials?

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Are there any written tutorials or example maps for Eternity-specific mapping features? I've gotten an idea for a map that might be best in that source port, but things would go much faster and smoother if I didn't have to learn how to use the features by trial and error.

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For now there are more comprehensive documentations for Eternity at its website, here: doomworld.com/eternity (go to "engine" and you'll see a list of files to download, including texts).

But they're for an older version. Quasar has stopped documenting his port after a moment (with a lot of users acknowledging that fact and saying that THERE'S A WIKI -- well first, that wiki NEEDS TO HAVE CONTRIBUTORS), so to find what's new, you'd have to pester him with questions, either on the forum or on the chatroom.

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