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How can I downgrade a Windows install of Doom 3?

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For a few mods I've encountered, 1.3 is required and 1.3.1 won't work... I only have Doom 3 via Steam, so I can't just use original install DVDs (don't have them) to simply upgrade to 1.3. It is possible to install the 1.3.1 patch even when it doesn't detect a Doom 3 install (and this makes it possible to make a copy on Steam independent from Steam...), but 1.3 will not install in this manner and I can't figure out how to extract the files from the installer either.

Basically... I'm stumped.

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You´re welcome. I also was happy to find this, because some cool mod projects where released in the 1.3 time and later abandonend (like Quake2 Lost Marine).

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kristus said:

Yeah I asked Kiltron about upgrading it. But he basically said "fuck off".

Why? Because now it should all be about Dark Salvation?

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That reminded me to check out the Dark Salvation demo. So far I like the visual design of the levels, feels like a singleplayer mission for Quake3 with that special gothic style. Don´t like the weapons though, they feel kind of tacky and take up too much of the screen. Haven´t progressed much because of obscure puzzles. Also the demo crashes every time I try to configure the controls.

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