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Zdoom sky2

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I'm trying to get sky2 to work. I have a scrolling background and want another one that doesn't scroll. I've tried using both the default 0,255,255 transparency color and 0,0,0 (black) for my transparent color but neither is working. It just overlays black completely in either case.

sky1 SKY_01A 1
sky2 SKY_01B 0

Any ideas why it doesn't work?

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There is no actual "transparency color" in Doom -- cyan isn't even in the standard palette. Assuming that you're using SLumpEd, you need to actually import PNGs with real transparency in them (set in something like Photoshop or Paint.NET) and then convert them to the needed format.

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I think when the double sky thing was first implemented in Zdoom, the transparency did have to be done using palette entry 0. However, any form of transparency should work now.

A common mistake is the two sky textures not being the same height - they need to be.

On this site:


About half way down the page there is an example file of the effect. You could download that and compare it to your one to see if you can spot any obvious differences. Look for a file called qsky.zip

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I can't get SlumpED to work on my computer, does anyone know how to make this work with XWE? Pngs with transparency hasn't worked, it's still black.

Am I missing any code?

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