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Loads of Gametype ideas (RIDE THE BOMB, HISSY PET, ETC.)

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Well, I've heard suggestions for Assault and Domination and Hunted and the like, and I support those ideas. But I think I'll add more.(This'll take a while.)

One-Flag CTF: Where one flag sits in the center of the map and each team must put it in the enemy's base. Variation: Multiple flags are grouped in the center, and one team must keep as many of them as they can in their own base.

Unfair Team DM: One team consists of a single player with massive amounts of health, ammo, power, etc. The other team must kill him before time runs out.

Ride the Bomb DM(my personal favorite): Each player has a bomb strapped to their back set to 3 minutes. When the first player is killed, his timer counts down. He must kill another player in order to stop his timer, and then the player he killed begins to count down. Obviously, this is best played with 1 on 1. Variation for more players: Any player's bomb can count down after dying. Players whose bomb is already counting down when they get killed by someone else who's counting down have their timer tick twice as fast. That's probably way too complex, though.

Variations on Domination: A single command point in the center of the map, or... an assault-type map where each command point is lined up, and one team can't capture a command point unless they own the one before it.

Hissy Pet DM! : Each player owns a pet Hissy(or whatever you like) that moves and shoots in unison with the player. Effectively, each player controls two characters. His Hissy is invincible, and its shots pass through its owner. If a player kills another, he can steal his Hissy before it finds the other player again. That other player can now have 3X the firepower. Gameplay ends when one player owns all the Hissies.

Circular Saw Soccer: A circular saw blade spins at rest on the middle of an arena. Players shoot at it to "push" it around the map. If any player gets near the blade, they are decapitated. Each team must shoot the saw until they can pass through the enemy's Goalposts. Different weapons have different effects, e.g. if you shoot the saw with a pistol, you'll only nudge it-- but if it gets a direct BFG blast, it'll careen around the map and become a hazard.

Cybie DM: Takes place in a large arena. Deathmatch rules apply, except a Cyberdemon is spawned at random times just to make things difficult. You don't earn frags from beating him, but he can reset your frags to zero if he kills you.

King of the Hill Variation: The first player to earn a kill becomes King of the Hill. Other players must kill him to earn the title. You can only earn frags while you are the King.
Various map-native ideas: These are ideas that can be in a single map or available as gameplay settings, under regular DM rules or otherwise.

Lifesucker DM: Every time a player makes a kill, his max health goes down 5%. Every time a player dies, his health goes up. This type would be useful for unbalanced matches.

Yet another CTF: One-flag CTF rules apply. The flag is termed as an Airstrike Target. After one team puts the flag in the enemy's base, a bomb drops from the sky and vaporizes anyone in the enemy's base. The team's points are based on how many people were killed in the blast.

Stairway To Heaven: Every time a player on a team scores a kill, a step raises up from the floor in his team's base. This repeats until a stairway is created, where the team can now access a room filled with special powerups, sniper positions, trap switches, alternate routes, etc.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll have to get back to you on this one.

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Damn if he put's these in, then there will be more bot programming and waypointing and etc to be done. And Skull Tag will be delayed even more(Oh well the more the better ^_^)

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Hehe, some of those sound pretty damn cool :) A lot of them could probably be done through scripting and other abilities we currently have (ex. Cybie DM). I do like "Ride the Bomb DM"... hmm... I just might put that in the next version! :)

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These modes would kick ass. If somebody have scripting skills or something they could do it themselves.

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King of the Hill is already implemented. It's called Terminator.

I personally like Stairway to Heavn the most.

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