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What makes a Good DeathMatch map Good and Why?

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Im bored so I thought it would be a good idea to discuss this..

For me a good Deathmatch map has to be in a circle style map.. with one big route that goes right around the map..(sorta like Dead Simple)

Also it has to have some Open areas but not so many that the only way you can get a kill is with Hitscan weapons.. a good Balance between Narrow Hall ways,Open ground and Elevation makes good Death Matchs.

Also proper weapon placement and secrets help..

Ive also got another motive for asking this question.. im bored so Im thinkin of making a Deathmatch map for fun.. so the opinions of others will help me out alot :)

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There should never be a dead end in a DM level unless there is a very good pickup stored there.

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